The challenge focuses on innovation to create the safe return to the workplace after COVID-19. It set off with 50 nominees, judged on their ability to:

  • Improve employee experience and provide peace of mind.
  • Streamline processes and improve efficiencies.
  • Provide significant benefits to the environment.
  • Reduce total operating costs.

Thanks to the amount of data available in the Yanzi Platform, we were able to deliver automatic support for social distancing, intelligent cleaning and and worker protection in our installation and analytics tools – already in March.

As we did not win the competition this year, we would like to congratulate the winners: Georgia Pacific, and KONE, to winning the respective categories.

I'd like to thank the team for the tremendous effort they put down to build and ship on a tight deadline back in March. At a time when most businesses had still to react to the looming crisis, the team managed to deliver a market-ready solution in no time. The first release enabled customers enabled them to encourage social distancing, track crowding and occupancy, and react with data and confidence to indoor environments conductive to virus transmission.

PS: The social distancing features are available today in Yanzi Insights, our light, zero-configuration Connected Office analytics package.