The Holiday update was released on the 14th for both European, US and APAC customers with a focus to address long-awaited identity options for both individual and enterprise customers. Lets dig in.


The Lifecycle tools got a well-deserved upgrade to the login experience, with new styling and improvements for users using screen readers and other assistive technologies.

+ Social Login

Sign in with your Google or Microsoft account. Less passwords to remember and world-class account management.

+ OAuth / SAML Authentication and Federation

Customers on the Enterprise plan can now choose to login to Yanzi with their centrally managed authentication platform, such as Active Directory. SAML, LDAP and OAuth2 are terms to nod at for people in the know.

Group managers can now restrict access to other users from their Enterprise Domain, effectively preventing users from outside the customer AD from being given access to any customer systems.

+ Yanzi Connect available for all users

Lifecycle now exposes the Yanzi Connect application for all users. Yanzi Connect allows you, among many things, to download your sensor data as (potentially massive) CSV files. How massive? We think that the answer is "Massive enough". Dont use it on your cellphone unless you have got Verizon Unlimited.

Customers with supported plans can also use Connect to manage their MS IoT Hub / MQTT and other external protocol connectors.

+ Enable Hardware Inventory

The hardware inventory is a simple listing of the actual, physical devices out in the field. You can copy-paste the list into excel to crunch the numbers, if thats your thing. Heavily requested.

+ Enable Network Topology 2D, 3D and Graph mode

This view enables you to visualize the current state of the wireless network directly in Lifecycle. Its cool, so do check it out. Its also great for troubleshooting spurious networking issues.

+ Enable live battery status in the Map view.

Long requested, now its here. Enjoy.

+ General Stability Improvements

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Applications & Services

Yanzi Insights had a massive update as well, with a modified navigation structure and a new Reports module.

+ Social Login, Single Sign-on etc

Everthing covered in Lifecycle is also now available in Yanzi Insights.

+ New Report: Workplace IAQ

A good IAQ on average does not matter if the air is poor where people are actually working. Now you can find out.

+ New Report: Workplace Utilization

Understanding utilization is key to reducing rental cost.

+ New Report: Room & Desk Utilization

Specialised report on common room/desk-related questions. There are more than you might think.

+ New Report: Occupancy VS utilization

How are your spaces used, when they are used? A 32-people boardroom occupied all day, every day, by a single occupant would not be the most efficient use of the area.

+ Integrated Metric Descriptions

All charts has been equipped with an integrated help component. It explains what data is used, how the metric is computed, and what action or insight can be extracted.

+ New, more advanced analysis tab

A new tab allows for custom grouping, filtering and analysis for more advanced users. Bridges the gap to a full-blown BI solution such as Tableau.